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VISUAL ART: The concept of visual art is made up of two very different terms, which we will explain below: art and visual. SIEGE: It is called a siege to the act and the consequence of besieging. This verb, for its part, refers to insistent pressure or to encircle or surround a certain place to harm in any way those who are in it. SALARIED: The individual who receives a salary as a consideration for the work activity he carries out is known as an employee. The salary, also called salary, is the monetary remuneration that the worker receives regularly for his work.
ROAST: The term asado is linked to the verb asar: the action that consists of cooking a food in direct contact with the fire or from a position very close to the flames. OSTEOARTHRITIS: The osteoarthritis is a pathological, degenerative and non - inflammatory joint disorder. When the deformations it produces are very evident, we speak of deforming arthrosis. JOINT: Articulation, from the Latin word articulatio, is the act and the result of articulating: the union or combination of different elements that grants a certain freedom to each one.
INSURED: The notion of insured is linked to the verb insure: to make something firm or secure. The concept is usually used with reference to the good that has the protection of an insurance policy. EMBERS: mber is the name given to a piece of a solid material that, when it comes into contact with fire, becomes incandescent, although without flame. That is why the remains of the coals are known as embers. CONTRAPTION: The first thing to know before entering fully into the establishment of the meaning of the term contraption is its etymological origin. Specifically, it is a word that derives from Latin and is the result of the sum of two clearly defined components:


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